Vapour compression refrigeration system essay

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How Vapor-Compression Cooling Works

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The history of vapor-compression goes back to where Oliver Evans, an American inventor, described a closed vapor-compression refrigeration cycle for producing ice. The first working vapor-compression refrigeration system was built in by another American who was living in. VAPOUR COMPRESSION CYCLE The vapour compression cycle is the most widely used refrigeration cycle in practice.

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In this cycle vapour is compressed, then condensed to a liquid, following which the pressure so that fluid can evaporate at low pressure. accepted, incumbent, solution for many mines requiring cooling: a vapour compression refrigeration (VCR) system against which it must compete.

At the heart of both types of system is a compressor: a refrigerant compressor for the VCR, and an air compressor for the RBC. Exergy Analysis Of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using R A the coefficient of performance of the vapour compression refrigeration systems.

' Relationship between actual work. Assume C p = kJ/kg K. (12 marks) 2(c) Discuss the effect of evaporator and condenser pressure on the performance of a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System. (4. Vapor-compression evaporation is the evaporation method by which a blower, compressor or jet ejector is used to compress, and thus, increase the pressure of the vapor produced.

Vapour compression refrigeration system essay
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