Great railway strike 1877 essay

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The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 essay

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Progress addressed the strike in England by using the right militia. The Great Railroad Strike of was the country's first major rail strike and witnessed the first general strike in the nation's history.

Great Railroad Strike of 1877

The strikes and the violence it spawned briefly paralyzed the country's commerce and led governors in ten states to mobilize 60, militia members to reopen rail traffic. The Great Strike of began as a simple reaction of railroad workers in West Virginia to unfair practices by company owners.

Within a short period of time, it became an emergency situation affecting many people's lives throughout the nation. The Great Railroad Strike of An Instructional Packet for teachers and Students of Labor History Historical Background of the Great Strike of 4.

Additional Resources for Teachers and Students 5. Student Activities on Part A, for a total of 30%, and allocate 70% for the essay (total score: %).

Great Railroad Strike of 1877

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad cut wages 10% during depression How was the Great Railroad Strike of stopped? President Rutherford B. Hayes sent federal troops. The Great Railroad Strike of began in the month of July and started off in a town called Martinburg which was located in the state of West Virginia.

What lead up The Great Railroad Strike of was a depression that started in September of The Great Strike of essays On July 16,in Martinsburg, West Virginia began the Great Strike of On this day railroad workers for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad were informed of a ten percent wage cut; this was the second cut like this in eight months.

Great railway strike 1877 essay
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