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John Avlon

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Russia’s Resurgence: Orthodoxy and the Family

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John Avlon

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Russia’s Resurgence: Orthodoxy and the Family

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Hardball Essay Dear Mr. Matthews, Let me start of by being completely honest and saying that I thought your book was going to be boring and terrible Many political books are written in a formal language that often intimidates the reader, making them feel unintelligent as well.

I've been pretty hard on Chris Matthews in the past, so giving credit where it's due: His Hardball show tonight demonstrated what happens when you finally act like a real journalist.

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Chapter 1: It's Not Who You Know; It's Who You Get to Know. Good politicians get to know a lot of politicians. Lyndon Johnson would take four showers a day and brush his teeth over and over again so he would be in the same room with a bunch of politicians and he.

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Cunt: A Cultural History of the C-Word